Objectives of Promotional Communication | Products

This article throws light upon the five main objectives of promotional communication. The objectives are: 1. Behaviour Modification 2. Objective to Inform 3. Objective to Persuade 4. Objective to Remind 5. Specific Objectives.

A general model of communication process for promotion

Promotional Objective

Objective # 1. Behaviour Modification:

Promotion seeks to:

(a) Modify behaviour and thoughts {e.g., get you to drink coca cola rather than Pepsi),

(b) Reinforces existing behaviour (e.g., get you to continue coca cola once you began to take).

The marketer hopes to create the favorable image for itself and also to motivate purchases of the company’s goods and services.

Objective # 2. Objective to Inform:

All promotional communications are designed to inform the largest market about the firm’s product or services. Informative promotion is more prevalent in the early stages of product life cycle of a product or service.

It is necessary to increase the primary demand. The first thing which the customer needs is the information about the product itself, its features etc. It leads the customer in making more intelligent purchase decision (Ad 2.1).

Objective is to Persuade

Objective # 3. Objective to Persuade:

It is designed to stimulate purchase. Though sometimes the firms want to create a positive image for the long term gain rather than the immediate purchase. Persuation objective is the main objective when the product reaches to the growth stage of its product life cycle because at that time the consumer formation objective and consumer retention objective both has to be taken simultaneously (Ad 2.2).

Objective is to Inform

Objective # 4. Objective to Remind:

It is used to keep the product brand name in the public’s mind and is used in the maturity stage of the product life cycle. This type of promotion is used to fresh the memory of the target customers assuming that they know the product.

Objective # 5. Specific Objectives:

Broadly speaking the goal of promotion is to change the pattern of demand for a product by behaviour modification-informing, persuading and reminding. In Economic terms the basic purpose of promotion is to change the location and shape of the demand curve (Fig. 2.10) means to shift the demand curve upward or to make a change even

Objective of Promotion is to Change the Shape of Demand Curve

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