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Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of franchising. Some of the advantages of franchising are: 1. An Established Product or Service 2. Formal Training 3. Financial Assistance 4. Marketing and Management Benefits 5. Quality Control Standards 6. Less Operating Capital Requirement 7. Opportunities for Growth. Some of the disadvantages of franchising are:- 1. Failed Expectations 2. Cost of a Franchise [...]

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Brand Extension

Learn about: 1. Introduction to Brand Extension 2. Meaning of Brand Extension 3. Types 4. Approaches 5. Hierarchy 6. Bases 7. Strategic Framework 8. Factors Influencing 9. Why Companies opt Brand Extension 10. Advantages, Disadvantages and Future 11. Guidelines. Brand Extension: Introduction, Meaning, Types, Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages, Approaches, Factors, Guidelines and More… Brand Extension – Introduction Brand extension is a [...]

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New Product Launch

Before a product is introduced to the market, it goes through a series of steps or phases. This planning process, which is called the New Product Development Process, allows a firm to generate and evaluate ideas, to eliminate the least attractive ones, to develop the product and finally test and introduce it to the marketplace. The most important steps involved [...]

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