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Training Need Analysis

Identification of training needs is the stepping stone in the appropriate management training system on which the entire edifice of training programme is built. To make the training, development, and delivery easier, one has to have detailed knowledge about the requirements of the organization. The process must be focused, goal directed, and tuned with the achievement of business needs in [...]

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Training is concerned with increasing knowledge and skill in doing a particular job and the major burden of training falls upon the business organisation in which the job is located. On the other hand education is concerned with increasing general knowledge and understanding of the total individual. Training is job oriented. Training is practice based. Training and development programmes are [...]

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Cross Cultural Training

Cross-culture training is another way of managing diversity in an organisation. It has been the main method used for facilitating effective cross-cultural communication and interaction. Cross-cultural training was defined as a procedure or practice used to increase an individual's ability to cope with cross-cultures and perform well in a new cultural environment. Cross-cultural training contributes in increasing ability of employees [...]

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