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Types of Strategies

Strategy refers to the basic goals and objectives of the organisation, the major programmes of action chosen to reach these goals and objectives and major pattern of resource allocation used to relate the organisation to its environment. According to Chandler, "Strategy is the determination of the basic long-term goals and objectives of an enterprise and the adoption of courses of [...]

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Financial Strategy

Financial strategy of an organisation is essentially concerned with procurement and utilization of funds. The basic purpose is to ensure adequate and regular supply of funds fulfilling the present and future requirements of the business enterprise. Financial strategy deals with areas such as financial resources, analysis of cost structure, estimating profit potential, accounting functions and so on. In short, financial [...]

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Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue ocean strategy is a strategy that challenges the firms to foresee beyond competition by creating new uncontested market space i.e. Blue Ocean that makes the current competition irrelevant. It is about growing demand and breaking away from the competition. Learn about:- 1. Meaning & Need of Blue Ocean Strategy 2. Foundation 3. Characteristics 4. Principles 5. Analytical Tools & [...]

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