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GAP Model of Service Quality

The "GAP" model of service quality was given by Parasuraman et al, V.A. Zeithaml et. al and Leonard L.Berry. The model explains an integrated view of the consumer-company relationship. It is also an extension of the Gronroos model and talks about the perception gap. The model is essentially based on service quality delivery gaps or deficiencies within the organization that [...]

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Consumer Behaviour Models

Everything you need to know about the models of consumer behaviour. It is very important for a company to know and understand the consumers' response towards different product features, prices and advertising appeals, as well as their effect on the product getting a competitive edge over the other products. Stimulus response model of buyer behaviour is the starting point in [...]

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Theoretical Business Valuation Models | Business Restructuring | Financial Management

The theoretical business valuation models include the following: 1. Dividend Growth Valuation Model 2. Walter's Share Valuation Model 3. Modigliani and Millers' Dividend Irrelevancy Model 4. Capital Asset Pricing Model. 1. Dividend Growth Valuation Model: The dividends of most companies are expected to grow and the value of shares ascertained is based on dividend growth. Dividend valuation model assumes a [...]

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