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Theory Z of Motivation

Ouchi proposed Theory Z - a hybrid model that blends elements of successful Japanese managerial practice with an assessment of US workers' needs. It focuses heavily on a humanistic' philosophy, teamwork and consensus decisions. This theory is rooted in the idea that employees who are involved in and committed to an organization will be motivated to increase productivity. Based on [...]

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Marketing Control

Marketing control involves gathering information on marketing performance and comparing the achieved performance against planned or budgeted performance, using predetermined standards and yardsticks. It provides feedback; it regulates; and it exercises a restraining influence or a redirecting influence. Learn about:- 1. Meaning of Marketing Control 2. Scope of Marketing Control 3. Importance 4. Characteristics 5. Process 6. Techniques 7. Annual [...]

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Employee Selection Process

The basic purpose of the employee selection process is choosing right type of candidates to match various positions in the organization. In order to achieve this purpose, a well-organized selection procedure is requited. Each step in the selection procedure should provide more and more information about the candidate. This selection procedure differs from organization to organization. In some cases selection [...]

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