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Theory Z of Motivation

Ouchi proposed Theory Z - a hybrid model that blends elements of successful Japanese managerial practice with an assessment of US workers' needs. It focuses heavily on a humanistic' philosophy, teamwork and consensus decisions. This theory is rooted in the idea that employees who are involved in and committed to an organization will be motivated to increase productivity. Based on [...]

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Maslow’s and ERG Theory of Motivation

This article will help you to make comparison between Maslow’s and ERG theory of motivation of employees. Although the ERG theory assumes that motivated behaviour follows a hierarchy in the same fashion as suggested by Maslow, there are four major points of difference between Maslow's theory and ERG theory. Firstly, the two theories give differing interpretation of similar need categories. [...]

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The ERG Theory of Motivation | Management

After reading this article you will learn about the ERG theory of motivation. In response to various criticisms, Clayton Alderfer (1972) has proposed called an alternative to Maslow's Theory in an effort to simplify it and give it some empirical support. It is calculate ERG Theory of Motivation. He speculates that some features of Maslow's theory are very reasonable. However, [...]

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