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Contingency Theory of Leadership

The important contingency theories of leadership are: 1. Fiedler's Contingency Model 2. Situational Leadership Model 3. Leader - Member Exchange (LMX) Model 4. Path - Goal Model 5. Leader Participating Model. Contingency Theory of Leadership Contingency Theory of Leadership – Top 5 Theories: Fiedler's Contingency Model , Path Goal Theory, Situation Leadership Theory and a Few Others The core proposition [...]

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One of the most important elements in human resource management is compensation or remuneration. Therefore, it is necessary to frame sound policies and practices for employee compensation. Remuneration is the compensation an employee receives in return for his or her contribution to the organisation. Remuneration is concerned with needs, motivation and rewards. Managers, therefore, analyse and interpret the needs of [...]

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What is Advertising Budget?

The budget is an expression of the expenditure plan. It is estimated to meet the financial requirements of advertising plans so that advertising objectives with planned strategies may be realised within a given time frame. It is a statement of proposed advertising expenditure; a guideline for allocating the available funds to the various functions and activities of advertising. The nature [...]

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