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Management Audit

Management audit means the examination, review of various policies and action of the management on the basis of certain specified objectives. The management audit is conducted to critically evaluate the activities and efficiency of the management. It is an independent appraisal activity. Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Management Audit 2. Definitions of Management Audit 3. Concept 4. Scope 5. Objectives [...]

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Marketing Concept

The marketing concept lays emphasis on satisfying the customer's needs and wants while meeting the organizational goals. It is a comprehensive concept that is to be followed by all employees at different levels in the organization. Marketing concept is reflected in the following definitions- "Marketing is the process of discovering and translating consumer wants into products and services and then [...]

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Concept of Entrepreneurship

Everything you need to know about the concept of entrepreneurship. The word entrepreneur is borrowed from the French language. It is derived from 'entreprendre' meaning to 'undertake'. Thus, entrepreneur is an 'undertaker' in the literal sense of the word. Its usage in French language can be traced much before the emergence of activities generally associated with entrepreneurs today. Entrepreneurship is [...]

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