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Rural Entrepreneurship

Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Rural Entrepreneurship 2. Meaning of Rural Entrepreneurship 3. Concept 4. Need 5. Types 6. Significance 7. Rural Industrialisation 8. Risk-Taking among Rural Entrepreneurs 9. Entrepreneurial Development in Backward Areas 10. Problems and Obstacles 11. Development Initiatives in India. Rural Entrepreneurship in India: Introduction, Meaning, Concept, Problems, Need, Types, Development and More… Introduction to Rural Entrepreneurship [...]

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What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is defined as the various functions performed by an entrepreneur in establishing, managing and growing an enterprise. Entrepreneurship can be in a for profit business sector, non-profit social sector, political arena or in public service. Entrepreneurship is the marriage between profitability and growth. It is the recognition of opportunities (needs, wants, problems, and challenges) and the use of resources [...]

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Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship implies a set of values, norms and traits that are conducive to the growth of a business enterprise. It is the organisational culture that focuses on new opportunities and creation of an organisation where these opportunities can be perused earnestly. An entrepreneur seeks the opportunities, looks for ways and means to capitalise on the newer opportunities by organising the [...]

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