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Marketing Environment

Marketing environment is the set of all such factors outside the marketing that have an influence on the company's marketing and some of them are also influenced by the company's marketing. The marketing environment of a company comprises both actors and forces outside marketing that affect marketer's ability to develop and maintain successful transactions with its target customers. Marketing environment [...]

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Management Audit

Management audit means the examination, review of various policies and action of the management on the basis of certain specified objectives. The management audit is conducted to critically evaluate the activities and efficiency of the management. It is an independent appraisal activity. Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Management Audit 2. Definitions of Management Audit 3. Concept 4. Scope 5. Objectives [...]

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Company: Introduction, Evolution, Features, Classification, Formation and Advantages

The company is an instrument that unites the efforts of great number of people -shareholders, directors, members of the top management team and the functional or departmental managers and their subordin­ates. The shareholders who provide the funds for the company are commonly regarded as the 'owner' of the company and its business and property. Legally, they are not the owners; [...]

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