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The company is an instrument that unites the efforts of great number of people -shareholders, directors, members of the top management team and the functional or departmental managers and their subordin­ates. The shareholders who provide the funds for the company are commonly regarded as the 'owner' of the company and its business and property. Legally, they are not the owners; [...]

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Strategic Change

Strategic change is the implementation of new strategies that involve substantive changes beyond the normal routines of the organization. There may be slow change where change is introduced gradually in small incremental steps, so that the roles of managers and a slight change in tasks for other employees, sudden organizational change will encounter more resistance however carefully it is handled, [...]

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Corporate Governance

Everything you need to know about corporate governance. Corporate governance defines the way a corporate enterprise should be governed. It describes corporate values, norms and ethics. It explains the direction of development of a corporate enterprise. "Corporate Governance is the relationship between corporate managers, directors and the providers of equity, people and institutions who save and invest their capital to [...]

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