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Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has emerged as an effective facilitator in the development of any society and is a prime driving force in the growth of economies worldwide. The role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in advancing the growth of national economies through enhanced efficiency and productivity, and expanded market reach is both undisputed and irreversible. Learn about:- [...]

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Elements of Marketing Communication Mix

When we start thinking of communication mix elements, we come across many and the list keeps increasing with new and new communication channels developed by marketing managers to bring an element of uniqueness and innovation. Some of the elements of marketing communication mix are: 1. Advertising 2. Publicity 3. Personal Selling 4. Sales Promotion 5. Public Relations 6. Direct Marketing [...]

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Meaning of Communication

Everything you need to know about the meaning of communication. Communication is an integral part of human existence. It is communication that contributes to success or otherwise of every human activity. Communication is a process through which an information idea or opinion is transferred to more number of persons. If information is communicated to only one person, it will also [...]

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