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Marketing Communication Process

Communication implies the process of transmitting a message to the receiver in order to obtain a response. The communication process consists of all of the elements that go into the creation, transmission, reception, and interpretation of meaning from one party to another. The communication process is a part of any advertising or marketing program. When the marketer wants to communicate [...]

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Elements of Marketing Communication Mix

When we start thinking of communication mix elements, we come across many and the list keeps increasing with new and new communication channels developed by marketing managers to bring an element of uniqueness and innovation. Some of the elements of marketing communication mix are: 1. Advertising 2. Publicity 3. Personal Selling 4. Sales Promotion 5. Public Relations 6. Direct Marketing [...]

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Examples of Marketing Communication Campaigns

Some of the examples of marketing communication campaigns – 1. Advertisement Campaign 2. Email Marketing Campaign 3. SMS/Direct Messaging Campaign 4. Telemarketing 5. Sales Promotion 6. Exhibitions or Trade Shows 7. Events. Marketing communication is a very useful tool. i. To inform and to educate the prospective customers about our product or service and its benefits ii. To increase visibility [...]

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