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Challenges of Rural Marketing

Everything you need to know about the challenges of rural marketing. According to G.N. Murthy - "Rural marketing is the study of all the activity, agency and policy involved in the procurement of farm inputs by the farmers and the movement of rural products from farmers to consumers". Marketing in rural areas has a varied conceptual dimension as the events [...]

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Challenges of Human Resource Management

Everything you need to learn about the challenges of human resource management.The world order is changing dramatically and is in the process of complete transformation. The impossible things of yesterdays have become possible today and the impossible things of today will become possible tomorrow. That is why it is said that change is the only permanent aspect of nature. Managing [...]

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How to Meet the Challenges of Management? | Challenges | Management

The changing trends in social, technological, political, economic and other environments discussed above are likely to create new challenges for the managers. High degree of professionalisation will be needed if the managers have to deal with the challenges effectively. Professionalisation of management requires expert knowledge of management theory and practices, training in management techniques and sensitivity to social responsibilities. To [...]

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