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Rural Market Segmentation

Rural market segmentation is the process of dividing a potential rural market into distinct sub markets of consumers with common needs and characteristics. Rural market segmentation is the starting step in applying the rural marketing strategy. The basic problem in segmenting the rural market is the heterogeneous nature of the market. In spite of there being heterogeneous market, the buyer [...]

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Rural Marketing Environment

Rural marketing environment means all those factors like demographic - Physical, Economic, Social etc. which affect the rural marketing. When marketing activities are done in the rural areas, it is necessary to know the conditions of rural markets in terms of environment which is ever changing. Rural marketing requires an understanding of the rural environment in which companies have to [...]

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Challenges of Rural Marketing

Everything you need to know about the challenges of rural marketing. According to G.N. Murthy - "Rural marketing is the study of all the activity, agency and policy involved in the procurement of farm inputs by the farmers and the movement of rural products from farmers to consumers". Marketing in rural areas has a varied conceptual dimension as the events [...]

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