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Global Marketing

Global Marketing is the process of conceptualizing and then conveying a final product or service worldwide with the hopes of reaching the international marketing community. Proper global marketing has the ability to catapult a company to the next level. As per Prof M.V. Kulkarni "Global marketing involves identifying needs, wants and demand of global customers and making the products/services available [...]

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eHRM: Introduction, Meaning, Aspects, Model and Implications

Everything you need to know about eHRM - e-human resource management. Electronic Human Resource Management System (e-HRM System) is a web-based solution that takes advantage of the latest web application technology to deliver an online real-time human resource management solution. It is comprehensive but easy to use, feature-rich yet flexible enough to be tailored to your specific needs. E-HRM has [...]

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Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Everything you need to know about strategic human resource management. Strategic human resource management refers to adopting a specific plan in regard to human resources, and revamping human resource policies and practices, and developing employee competencies to cope with the special or challenging situations. SHRM is essential in both large as well as in small companies. In small companies, it [...]

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