Read this article to learn about the meaning, definition, features, merits, role and importance of personal selling!

Personal Selling is a personal form of communication where direct face to face conversation takes place between the buyer and the seller for the purpose of exchanging goods and services. Salespersons are appointed by the companies to create awareness and develop preference about their products with the eventual aim of making sale.

Features of Personal Selling:


The main features of personal selling are:

1. Personal Form:

Personal Selling is a personal form of communication which involves an interactive relationship between the seller and the buyer.

2. Development of Relationship:


Personal selling ensures development of relationship between the sales person and the prospective customer. This helps in making sales. It is seen that in some cases, despite knowing some shortcomings of a product, customer tend to purchase it simply because of personal relationship with the seller.

Merits of Personal Selling:

Main advantages of personal selling are as follow:

1. Flexibility:

Personal selling allows a lot of flexibility; sales presentation can be easily modified or adjusted according to the requirements of an individual customer.


2. Direct Feedback:

It facilitates prompt feedback because of direct face to face communication between the buyer and the seller. This feedback helps in bringing necessary changes in the sales presentation.

3. Minimum Wastage:

Before starting with the personal selling, the company can choose the type of customers it has to deal with & prepare the presentation according to same. This results in reduction of wastages.

Role of Personal Selling:


Personal selling is an important tool in the marketing of goods and services. Its importance to the businessmen, customers and society is discussed below.

Importance to Businessmen:

It is helpful to businessmen as follows:

1. Effective Promotional Tool:

Personal selling is an effective promotional tool in the hands of businessman for increasing sales. Salesman provides information about the various features and advantages of his product as well as about market developments.


2. Flexible Tool:

Personal selling is the most flexible tool of promotion. Sales presentation is adjusted according to the requirements of the customer.

3. Minimises Wastage of Efforts:

Personal selling involves minimum wastage of efforts as compared to other tools of promotion.


4. Customer Attention:

The level of customer attention and interest can easily be assessed under personal selling. Thereafter, the presentation can be modified appropriately.

5. Lasting Relationship:

Personal selling aims at developing good and long lasting relationship between salesperson and the customer to increase sales in line with WIN-WIN philosophy.


6. Personal Rapport:

Competitive strength of a business organisation increases with the development of personal rapport between its salespersons and prospective customers.

7. Role in Introduction Stage:

By describing the merits of a product and persuading the customer to purchase it, salesperson helps in introducing a new product in the market.

8. Link with Customers:

By playing persuasive, servile and informative role, salesperson help in linking business firm to its customers.

Importance to Customers:


It is important to customers as follow:

1. Helps in Identifying Needs:

It helps in identifying the needs & wants of the customers so that they can be satisfied by getting best products.

2. Latest Market Information:

Under personal selling, customers are provided with information regarding availability or shortage of product, introduction of new product etc.

3. Expert Advice:


Expert advice and guidance can be provided to the customers while purchasing various goods and services.

4. Induces Customers:

Personal selling induces customers to buy new product in order to satisfy their needs in a better way.

Importance to Society:

It is also important to society as follow:

1. Converts Latest Demand:

Personal selling helps in converting latest demand into effective demand. This results in more production, and hence leads to increase in GDP.


2. Employment Opportunities:

It provides opportunity to unemployed people to work as salespersons for earning income.

3. Career Opportunities:

Personal selling ensures attractive career, job satisfaction, respect, variety, security etc.

4. Mobility of Sales People:

Travel and tourism in the country get promoted by the mobility of the people from one place to another.


5. Product Standardisation:

Personal selling ensures uniformity in consumption by selling standardized products.