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Sales Quota

Sales quotas are the sum of the total sales of a future period and duties to achieve the component of total sales by each salesperson are handed down to them at the beginning of the period. According to Philip Kotler, 'A sales quota is the sales goal set for a product line, company division, or sales representative. It is primarily [...]

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Sales Compensation Plan

A sale compensation plan refers to the determination of the right compensation schemes and application of it to the sales force to bring a balance between compensation and the sales force performance. Sale Compensation is an integral part of an employee’s sustenance and survival which has a motivational element also. An organization always wants to draw an effective compensation plan [...]

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Personal Selling Process

Everything you need to know about the process and steps of personal selling. Personal selling begins with identifying customers and ends with ensuring satisfaction to them. The series of steps that are followed in between the two are diverse, complex, and knowledge-based. The personal selling process is a consecutive series of activities conducted by the salesperson, the lead to a [...]

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