This article throws light upon the top ten characteristics of good planning. Some of the characteristics are: 1. It is Based on Clearly Defined Objectives 2. It is Simple 3. It Provides for a Proper Analysis and Classification of Action 4. It is Flexible 5. It is Balanced, Practicable and Suitable According to the Size and form of the Business 6. It is Time-Bound and Others.

Good Planning: Characteristics # 1.

It is Based on Clearly Defined Objectives:

A good plan is based upon clear, well-defined and easily understood objectives. General objectives like improving morale or increasing profits are ambiguous in nature and do not lend to specific steps and plans. If possible, objectives must be quantified for sake of simplicity.

Good Planning: Characteristics # 2.


It is Simple:

A goods plan must be simple and comprehensive. When the plan is simple, all employees of the organisation can know its significance and it can be easily put into operation, which leads to achieve objective.

Good Planning: Characteristics # 3.

It Provides for a Proper Analysis and Classification of Action:

It provides for a proper analysis and classification of action i.e., it establishes standards. A good plan should establish standard. Comparing actual results with standards can make a proper analysis. It leads to effective control.

Good Planning: Characteristics # 4.


It is Flexible:

Planning should be flexible enough to incorporate any changes in the resources, if necessary. Additionally, it should be responsive to changed conditions so that if future events do not follow the anticipation, the same plan can be modified and adopted to the altered situation.

Good Planning: Characteristics # 5.

It is Balanced, Practicable and Suitable According to the Size and form of the Business:

A good plan should be well balanced so that the existing resources are properly utilized for all functions and short-term gains are not at the cost of long-term gains and vice-versa.

Good Planning: Characteristics # 6.


It is Time-Bound:

The time period allowed for achieving goals should be reasonable even though planning is an attempt to anticipate the future. Long-range planning are more uncertain. Hence, the time period covered should be reasonable and reasonably stable.

Good Planning: Characteristics # 7.


It uses Available Resources to the Utmost before Creating New Authorities and New Resources:

A good plan strives for optimal utility of physical as well as human resources in unison and harmony.

Good Planning: Characteristics # 8.

Participation by Subordinates:

Planning should not be an exclusive responsibility of top management. Subordinates will not be responsible if a plan is imposed upon them. Also subordinate participation generally ensures the sincere and serious effort on their part to make the plan successful.

Good Planning: Characteristics # 9.



Planning is initiated by different managers of different divisions at different times. It is necessary that a good plan should incorporate all these departments, maintaining the consistency, and centralised objective must be the focus.

Good Planning: Characteristics # 10.

It is Comprehensive:

It is comprehensive and includes each and every aspect of the objectives.