This article throws light upon the fifteen main buying motives of people. The buying motives are: 1. Achievement 2. Independence 3. Exhibition 4. Recognition 5. Dominance 6. Affiliation 7. Nurfurance 8. Succorance 9. Sexuality 10. Stimulation 11. Diversion 12. Novelty 13. Understanding 14. Consistency 15. Security.

Buying Motive # 1. Achievement:

The need to perform difficult tasks, exercise one’s skill to professional tools, sports equipment, and skill providing service; bellet, college courses, and so on.

Buying Motive # 2. Independence:

The need to be autonomous, have options, be different. Fashion makes this appeal; cards do too. Credit cards, alcohol, and cigarettes can be advertised this way.

Buying Motive # 3. Exhibition:

The need to gain public attention, show off, win notice. Clothing and fashion accessories here, too. From big things like cars and homes to smaller items asserting the self.

Buying Motive # 4. Recognition:


The need for positive notice from others, to be held up as exemplary. Many “badge” items symbolize this; so too do getting a college degree, joining social organisations.

Buying Motive # 5. Dominance:

The need to exercise power over others, direct and supervise. Any power item, from a big car on house to a pesticide or detergent that has punch.

Buying Motive # 6. Affiliation:

The need for close association with others for relationships. Joining the army. Joining anything fills this need. Personal care items, breath mints, tooth paste, and so on facilitate closeness with others.

Buying Motive # 7. Nurfurance:

The need to provide care for others, to have and protect. Child care and pet care products, gardening; cooking and housekeeping, laundry, volunteer or charity work.

Buying Motive # 8. Succorance:

The need to receive help from others, be comforted. Anything that functions as a care giver: personal services, especially those that work on the body, salons, counselling services; anything that “pampers” us.

Buying Motive # 9. Sexuality:


The need to establish and develop one’s sexual identify, be sexually attractive. All gendered products; colognes; fashion and entertainments.

Buying Motive # 10. Stimulation:

The need to stimulate the senses, pursue vigorous activity, engage the mind and body sweat stimulate the palate, be active. Sporting goods, health, clubs restaurants, amusement park.

Buying Motive # 11. Diversion:

The need to relax, play have fun, be entertained. Vacations amusement parks, sports and soon.

Buying Motive # 12. Novelty:

The need to alter routine, experience change and diversity, learn new skills, have new experiences. Travel, education movies, books.

Buying Motive # 13. Understanding:


The need to learn and comprehend, make intellectual connections. Self improvement courses, education.

Buying Motive # 14. Consistency:

The need for order and cleanliness, to control uncertainty and avoid ambiguity. All cleaners, repair services, maintenance items.

Buying Motive # 15. Security:

The need to be free from fear, acquire assess, avoid accidents. Insurance burglar alarms, investments, all safety equipment’s.