This article throws light upon the five main types of business interview. The types are: 1. Employment Interviews 2. Performance Appraisal Interviews 3. Counseling Interviews 4. Disciplinary Interviews 5. Persuasive Interviews.

Type # 1. Employment Interviews:

These provide general information to potential applicants before a job actually exists, or take place when a specific job opening has occurred and applicants are to be screened for the position. Ultimately, the employment interview seeks to determine whether a particular applicant is suitable for the job.

Type # 2. Performance Appraisal Interviews:

These provide job-related feedback to employees. A supervisor and an employee together assess how much progress the employee has made toward the achievement of certain predetermined goals. Areas where improvement is needed are identified and new goals are set.

Type # 3. Counseling Interviews:

These provide guidance and assistance to employees. Such interviews sometimes involve very personal and emotional issues, such as family problems, drinking, or drugs that affect the employee’s performance. Counseling can be effective only when the interviewer is willing to listen to the respondent’s problem and show a certain amount of tolerance.

Type # 4. Disciplinary Interviews:


Disciplinary interviews become necessary when there are disruptive problems that must be curtailed. Some of the most common problems that warrant disciplinary action are nonperformance of duties, chronic absenteeism, disobedience or insubordination and the damaging of property.

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Type # 5. Persuasive Interviews:

These interviews, which primarily seek to induce somebody to adopt a new idea, product or service, are generally associated with selling. To conduct a successful persuasive interview the interviewer has to use all his communication skills, both to draw out the opinions of the respondent and to impart information.