After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Role of Judiciary 2. Role of Non-Governmental Organizations 3. Consumer Coordinating Council 4. Press/Media 5. Education Institutions 6. Consumer Protection Council.

Role of Judiciary:

In our country judiciary plays a very vital role. On recommendation of the amendment of Consumer Protection Act in 2000, the consumer protection councils or forums are created at district, state and national level.

Under the Act there is a provision of Three-Tier Judiciary to redress the grievances of consumers in a simple, speedy and inexpensive way; namely:

1. District Forum at District level


2. State Commission at State level

3. National Commission at National level

1. District Forum:

According to Consumer Protection Act, state governments can set up one or more district forums in each District. There are three members including the presiding officer. Out of this one member must be a lady. They must have a qualification of District Judge and must be appointed by state government. Its main feature is that it can hear cases up to Rs.20 Lacs. Any appeal may go to state commission within 30 days.


2. State Commission:

One state commission is appointed by the state government in each state. It also has three members out of which one is a lady member but they must have qualification of High Court Judge and should be appointed by state government. It can hear cases involving sum exceeds Rs.20 Lacs and up to Rs.1 Crore. Any appeal may go to national commission within 30 days.

3. National Commission:

It is appointed by central government. It consists of five members out of which one must be a lady member. They must have qualification equivalent to Supreme Court Judge. It has a Jurisdiction to hear complaints amounting more than Rs.1 Crore. Any appeal may go to Supreme Court within 30 days.

Role of Non-Governmental Organizations:


In addition to government many about 500 non-governmental organizations (N.G.Os) are making efforts in order to safeguard the interest of consumer.

These organizations perform the following functions:

1. Accelerating Consumer Awareness/Educating Consumers:

The first priority of consumer organization is to accelerate consumer’s awareness towards their rights.


To accomplish this task which they have to perform are:

(a) To publish Brochures, Journals.

(b) To arrange seminars, conferences and workshops.

(c) To educate consumers to help themselves.


(d) To provide special education to women about consumerism.

(e) To encourage to follow desirable consumption standards.

2. Filing Suit on Behalf of Consumer:

Whenever a consumer fails to raise his voice of protect regarding his complaints, these organisations come to his rescue and file a case in the court. By rendering services to consumers, the consumers get a feeling that they are not alone in their fight. They also run voluntary complaints for the guidance of consumers.


3. Helping Educational Institutions:

These organisations tell the educational institutions the way to prepare courses of study keeping in view the interest of consumers.

4. Promoting Network of Consumer Association:

Consumer organisations are trying to grow their numbers. They want to cover all regions so that consumers of all regions get benefited by their services.


5. Extending Support to Government:

Consumer organisations by informing government agencies about adulteration, artificiality, inferior quality products etc. This helps government to conduct proceedings in time.

Role of Consumer Coordinating Council:

The name of the highest body of consumer association is consumer coordinating council. This body has started many programmes for consumer protection.

The main objectives of this council are:

(a) To establish coordination among consumers for their welfare.

(b) To educate and train activists working for consumer protection.

Role of Press/Media:


Whenever there is any revolution or a campaign is run for Public Awareness, news­papers and journals play a very significant role. Indian Express is the first for this noble cause.

Press takes following steps to make consumer protection campaign a success:

(a) To publish articles

(b) To make available columns

(c) To show live telecasts.

(d) To publish consumer complaints

Role of Education Institutions:


The importance of consumer protection is being realised at various levels of education viz. School, College, University. At school level institutions like C.B.S.E. had prepared syllabus in which central guiding points of consumer protection have been highlighted. Similarly at University level INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY (IGNOU) has prepared a special course for undergraduate and post-graduate students.

Role of Consumer Protection Council:

The consumer protection council provides the establishment of a Central Consumer Protection Council by the central government and state Consumer Protection Council by state governments.

The main objectives of the councils are:

1. To protect the rights of consumer

2. To promote the rights of consumer.