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International Market Segmentation

Market segmentation can be defined as a technique of dividing different countries into homogeneous groups. The rationale behind the concept of market segmentation is based on the fact that the global market cannot be served on the basis of single set of policies. The international market segmentation has its own usefulness. The strengths of international market segmentations lies in better [...]

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What is Market Segmentation?

Everything you need to know about market segmentation. Market segmentation represents an important recent advance in marketing thinking and strategy. In earlier years many business firms saw the key to profits to be in the development of a single brand that was mass produced, mass distributed, and mass communicated. This would lead to the lowest costs and prices and create [...]

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Market Segmentation: Definition, Concept, Process, Levels, Benefits and Examples

In this article we will discuss about market segmentation! Learn about:- 1. Meaning of Market Segmentation 2. Concept of Market Segmentation 3. Features 4. Application 5. Process 6. Levels 7. Approaches 10. Development 11. Formation 12. Parameters for Formation 13. Criteria 14. Targeting Market Segments 15. Segmentation of Industrial Market 16. Selection of Target Market Segment and Other Details. Also [...]

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