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Competency refers to underlying characteristics that enable performance in a job role. These characteristics find expression in behaviour and their pres­ence or absence can explain why one person succeeded in a mission, whereas in identical conditions another person did not. Richard Boyatzis, a consultant to McBer and Company, defined the term competency as - 'an underlying characteristic of an individual [...]

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Human Resource Development Concept

The concept of HRD aims to keep the employees of organization continuously competent. Therefore, a conceptual framework, which pro­vides to foresee problems would be useful, i.e., a pro-active model, rather than a reactive model would be relevant. The concept of HRD should be considered as a philosophy within which HRM should act along with the strategies of HRD. A model [...]

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Evolution of HRD

Everything you need to know about the evolution of HRD (human resource development.) Human Resource Development (HRD) is that part of Human Resource Management which specifically deals with the training and development of employees. It helps the employees in developing their knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve self-fulfilment and aid in the accomplishment of organizational goals. HRD includes the areas [...]

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