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Consumer Behaviour Models

Everything you need to know about the models of consumer behaviour. It is very important for a company to know and understand the consumers' response towards different product features, prices and advertising appeals, as well as their effect on the product getting a competitive edge over the other products. Stimulus response model of buyer behaviour is the starting point in [...]

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Consumer Buying Process

Everything you need to know about the consumer buying process. Consumer behaviour relates to the buying behaviour of individuals for products for their own use. Organizations buy to enable them to provide goods and services to the final customers. Organizational buying behaviour has many similarities to consumer behaviour. Both involve the behaviour of human beings, whether individually or in groups. [...]

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Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour

Everything you need to know about the factors affecting consumer behavior. Consumer behavior or purchases made by consumers are rarely unaffected. Such behavior is largely influenced by various factors. A marketer has to understand such factors so that he can design appropriate products and marketing strategies and ultimately be able to deliver consumer satisfaction. There are several theories explaining the [...]

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