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Small Business

Read this article to learn about:- 1. Definition of Small Business in India 2. Features 3. Nature and Characteristics 4. Types 5. Factors Influencing the Location of a Small Business 6. Funding Myths 7. Roles 8. Elements of Office Organisation for Small Business 9. Management Process in Small Business 10. Technology for Small Business 11. Problems 12. Reasons for Small [...]

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Business Ideas

Learn about: 1. Introduction to Business Ideas 2. Definitions and Features of Business Ideas 3. Need 4. Aspects 5. Sources 6. Elements of Idea Generation 7. Idea Generation Techniques 8. How to Evaluate Ideas 9. Ideation Techniques, Catalysts and Inhibitors and Opportunity Maps 10. Feasibility Analysis 11. Converting a Business Idea into a Business Opportunity. Business Ideas: Introduction, Definition, Features, [...]

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What is Business

Business has certain social objectives, besides the economic objectives. Business and culture are closely connected and they influence each other. Social and cultural environment refers to the influence exercised by certain social and cultural factors like family, marriage, religion, education, attitude of people to work, ethics, attitude to wealth and social responsibility of business. Business is an economic venture. Involving [...]

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