Need for Career Planning of Employees in an Organisation!

The ability of an organisation to ensure optimum utilisation of its human resources depends on the extent to which it is able to meet the multiplicity of needs and aspirations of its employees.

Organisations have, however, their own requirements and constraints which limit their capacity to meet the unique individual expectations.


The changing expectations of employees and limits imposed by organisational constraints usually create situation of conflict. If this conflict is not resolved properly, the organisation will not be able to get the best out of its employees. Career planning provides a set of tools and techniques for productive resolution of this conflict between the individual and the organisation.

The relationship between an individual and an organisation could be long-term or short-term depending upon whether the employment relationship if live-long (i.e., till superannuation) or not. Where the individual feels that an organisation is not able to met his career aspirations he has the option to continue in employment or switch organisations.

While exercising the latter option, an individual would do well to take the following precautions:

(i) Be discreet in selecting the field of employment and employer. In terms of where one wants to be ultimately, does this move help: Should one accept some short-term trade-offs for long- term benefits (e.g. low paying jobs with better opportunities for training and exercise of one’s skills and discretion)?


(ii) Examine whether one is adequately familiar with opportunities the present organisation provides.

(iii) Introspect current performance, strengths and weaknesses to see for oneself whether one is being merely ambitious or whether one has outlived one’s utility in the organisation prenatal employed.

(iv) Plan one’s exit so that one is leaving at one’s convenience than of the organisation.

(v) Leave the organisation on a cordial note.


Individuals need to consciously and continuously examine what they themselves ought to be doing for their own career development rather than merely wait for something to happen.