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Notes on Employee Motivation: Meaning and Types

After reading this article you will learn about the meaning and types of motivators. Meaning of Motivation: While motivation is an effort to direct human behaviour towards need satisfaction, motivators are the factors that motivate people. They include both incentives and disincentives that influence human behaviour. Incentives satisfy the needs of people and improve their […]

Notes on Morale of Workers: Meaning and Kinds | Organisation

After reading this article you will learn about the meaning and kinds of morale. Meaning of Morale: Morale is the mental attitude or bearing of a person or a group regarding his confidence, discipline and attitude towards work, peer group, superiors and subordinates, for accomplishment of individual and organisational goals. It represents satisfaction that a […]

4 Main Outcomes of Morale and Productivity

This article throws light upon the four main outcomes of morale and productivity. The outcomes are: 1. High Morale – High Productivity 2. High Morale – Low Productivity 3. Low Morale – Low Productivity 4. Low Morale – High Productivity. Outcome # 1. High Morale – High Productivity: This is the ideal combination of morale […]

Quality of Work Life (QWL): Nature, Scope and Importance

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Introduction to Quality of Work Life (QWL) 2. Nature and Scope of Quality of Work Life 3. Importance 4. Problems in Improving the QWL. Introduction to Quality of Work Life (QWL): Dissatisfaction with working life affects the workers some time or another, regardless of position or […]

Job Design: Meaning and Approaches

After reading this article you will learn about the meaning and approaches of job design. Meaning of Job Design: People like to work for both job satisfaction and need satisfaction. They want jobs that are away from monotony, lack of power and decision-making. They want to do meaningful jobs as they spend substantial part of […]

How to Improve the Quality of Work Life? (10 Ways)

This article throws light upon the top ten ways that will help you to improve the quality of work life. The ways are: 1. Reward and Recognition 2. Growth Opportunities 3. Respect and Boosting Self Esteem 4. Vision and Get Supported 5. Mutual Commitment 6. Good Working Environment 7. Empowerment 8. Hiring the Right People […]

Top 8 Ways to Build High Morale in Workers

This article throws light upon the top eight ways to build high morale in workers. The ways are: 1. Encourage Participation 2. Work Environment 3. Communication 4. Integration of Individual Goals with Organisational Goals 5. Sound Organisation Structure 6. Employee-Oriented Approach 7. Job Design 8. Development Facilities. Way # 1. Encourage Participation: Workers’ participation in […]

6 Main Factors that affect Individual Performance

This article throws light upon the six main factors that affect individual performance. The factors are: 1. Motivation 2. Competence 3. Ability 4. Role Perception 5. Resources 6. Work Place Environment. Factor # 1. Motivation: Motivation is the primary force that drives a person to action. It has a multiplier effect on increasing his ability […]

Relationship between Pay and Performance

After reading this article you will learn about the relationship between pay and performance of employees. People work to earn money that satisfies their needs. Financial incentives are important rewards that motivate employees to exhibit high level of performance. Employees want their good work to be appreciated and appropriately compensated by employers. They want to […]