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How to Write about an Unpleasant News?

Contents: Writing For the Reader Saying “No” to an Adjustment Request Saying “No” to a Credit Request Saying “No” to an Order for Merchandise Saying “No” to a Request for a Favour Special Problems in Writing about the Unpleasant 1. Writing For the Reader: Without empathy for the audience’s feelings, it is hard to gain […]

How to Write Fantastic Business Letters?

An excusive guide for writing fantastic business letters!  Contents: Sequence-of-Ideas Patterns for Writing Business Letters Letter about Routine Claims Routine Letters about Credit Routine Letters about Orders Letters about Routine Requests 1. Sequence-of-Ideas Patterns for Writing Business Letters: Letters that convey pleasant messages are referred to as “good news” letters. Letters not likely to generate […]

How to Write Strong-Appeal Letters?

The strong-appeal letter emphasizes urgency. It says, in effect, “We must have the payment by return mail.” By developing the basic appeals and insisting on payment for the debtor’s own good, the writer adds stringency. Comments about the cost of a lawsuit are common in urgency letters. Although the loss of credit or possessions may […]

How to Write Collection Letters?

As in other persuasive letters, the primary purpose of a collection letter is to get action in this case, payment. A secondary goal is to maintain a customer’s goodwill. Like other persuasive letters, collection letters are generally written inductively; but they are shorter. Normally, customers know what they owe (detailed information is not necessary); and […]

How to Write Claim Letter and Request for Favours?

Claim letters and letters that request special favors are common types of persuasive requests. Although their purpose is to get favorable action, the letters invite action only after attempting to arouse a desire to take action. Making a Claim: Claim letters are often routine because the basis for the claim is a guarantee or some […]

Constructing Persuasive Sales Messages

This article throws light upon the two main steps for constructing persuasive sales manager. The steps are: 1. The Basis of Persuasive Sales Messages – Identifying Objectives 2. The Basis of Persuasive Sales Messages Organizing the Message. Step # 1. The Basis of Persuasive Sales Messages – Identifying Objectives: There are two important steps in […]