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Rate of Return on Equity Share (With Formula)

The value of an equity share is a function of cash inflows expected by the investors and the risk associated with the cash inflows. It is calculated by discounting the future stream of dividends at the required rate of return, called the capitalisation rate. The required rate of return depends upon the element of risk […]

Value Concepts: Top 6 Concepts of Value

This article throws light upon the top six concepts of value. The concepts are: 1. Book Value 2. Market Value 3. Going Concern Value 4. Liquidation Value 5. Replacement Value 6. True Concept of Value or Intrinsic Value. Concept # 1. Book Value: The book value of assets can be ascertained from the firm’s balance […]

Valuation of Warrants (With Formula)

A warrant is a long-term security, issued by a company, which provides the holder with the right to buy a fixed number of company’s ordinary shares at a fixed price during a specified period of time. Warrants are usually issued in conjunction with a bond or a preferred stock. The primary purpose of a warrant […]

Classification of Valuation Models | Financial Management

This article throws light upon the top five categories for classification of valuation models. The categories are: 1. One-Period Valuation Model 2. Two-Period Valuation Model 3. n-Period Valuation Model 4. Dividend Valuation Model 5. Earnings Capitalisation Model. Category # 1. One-Period Valuation Model: Suppose an investor plans to buy an equity share to hold it […]

Valuation of Securities (With Formula)

After reading this article you will learn about the Valuation of Securities:- 1. Debenture Valuation 2. Share Valuation 3. Equity Share Valuation. Debenture Valuation: A bond is an instrument of debt issued by a business house or a government unit. The bonds may be issued at par, premium or discount. The par value is the […]