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Procedure for Selection of Candidates: 8 Steps | Manpower Planning

This article throws light upon the eight main steps to be followed for selecting candidates. The steps are: 1. Preliminary Interview or Reception of Applicants 2. Filling of Blank Application 3. Interview 4. Psychological Tests 5. Ultimate Acceptance of the Chief of the Department 6. Medical Examination 7. Calling for References 8. Appointments. Step # […]

How to Select Employees? (8 Steps)

Steps for selection of employees: 1. Preliminary Interview 2. Application Blank 3. Checking of References 4. Selection Tests 5. Final Interview 6. Supervisor’s Consent 7. Medical or Physical Examination 8. Inductions or Orientation Training. Selection Procedure: Step # 1. Preliminary Interview: Initial preliminary interview to eliminate obviously unfit or unqualified applicants. This is the first screening […]