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How to Select Employees? (8 Steps)

Steps for selection of employees: 1. Preliminary Interview 2. Application Blank 3. Checking of References 4. Selection Tests 5. Final Interview 6. Supervisor’s Consent 7. Medical or Physical Examination 8. Inductions or Orientation Training. Selection Procedure: Step # 1. Preliminary Interview: Initial preliminary interview to eliminate obviously unfit or unqualified applicants. This is the first screening […]

Employee Welfare Service: Principle and Types

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Principles of Employee Welfare Service 2. Types of Employee Welfare Services. Principles of Employee Welfare Service: Following are generally given as the principles to be followed in setting up a employee welfare service: a. The service should satisfy real needs of the workers. This means that […]

Employee Welfare in India

This article provides an overview on Employee Welfare in India. Need for Labour Welfare in India: The Directive Principles of State Policy in our Constitution expresses the need for labour welfare thus: 1. The State shall strive to promote the welfare of the people by securing and protecting as effectively as it may a social […]

An Ideal Wage Structure of an Employee (with diagram)

An Ideal Wage Structure of an Employee! Once job evaluation is over, its data can become basis for developing wage structure for the organisation. This means establishing co-relation between ranking, grades, values or points obtained from various job evaluation methods discussed above. Wage structure depends on wage survey and factors influencing organisation to fix wage […]

Causes of Accident: 4 Important Causes of Accident | Employee Management

Causes of accidents can be broadly decided under the following four broad classifications:- (a) Intrinsic Causes (Job Contents): These are the causes of accidents arising out of job content. For e.g.: Fire accident and over exposure to heat; fall from tall towers; accidents due to incompetence and lack of adequate training. (more…)

Demotion: Necessity and Causes of Demotion of an Employee

Demotion: Necessity and Causes of Demotion of an Employee! Demotion is just the opposite of promotion. It is a downward movement of an employee in the organisational hierarchy with lower status and lower salary. It is a downgrading process and is insulting to an employee. Demotion is a punishment for incompetence or mistakes of serious […]