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Customer-Related Database: Meaning and Principles

Meaning of Customer-Related Database: Companies typically do not have a single customer database; instead, they have a number of customer-related databases. Large organizations, such as financial services companies, can have 20 or more customer systems, each with a separate database. These databases capture customer-relate data from a number of different perspectives. Customer-related data bases might […]

Comparison between CRM Software and Web CRM

Traditional CRM software has been overtaken in recent years by Web CRM, also known as “online CRM”, “hosted CRM, and “on-demand CRM.” Today, more companies than ever are turn­ing to the Web, and specifically to sales force(dot)com, for business applications like CRM. Why? Because to steer your company through these turbulent times, it’s more important […]

Setting Successful CRM Goals: 4 Steps

This article throws light upon the four main steps involved in setting successful CRM goals. The steps are: 1. Start CRM with Company Goals 2. Know the Working Parts of your CRM Plan 3. Work with Team Roles 4. Setting Goals. Setting Successful CRM Goals: Step # 1. Start CRM with Company Goals: You cannot […]

How to Achieve the Goals of CRM? (6 Steps)

This article will guide you about the six important steps to be followed to achieve the goals of CRM. The steps are: 1. Setting a Clear Customer Experience Strategy 2. Selecting the Correct People 3. Developing, Motivating and Managing your People 4. Establishing Effective Service Delivery Processes 5. Building in Continuous Improvement 6. Ensuring Managers […]

Top 3 Marketing Techniques Adopted by Companies

This article throws light upon the top three marketing techniques adopted by companies to increase sales. The techniques are: 1. Cross Selling 2. Upselling 3. Customer Retention. Marketing Technique # 1. Cross Selling: Cross-selling is the action or practice of selling among or between established clients, markets, traders, etc. or the action or practice of […]

Steps to be Followed before and after Customer Retention

After reading this article you will learn about the steps to be followed before and after customer retention. Steps to be Followed before Customer Retention: You can work on your customer retention strategy at any time, and marketing campaigns may be an important part of your strategy. You may also decide to increase your focus […]

Consumer Privacy: Meaning, Principles and Example

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Consumer Privacy 2. Principles of Consumer Privacy 3. Example. Meaning of Consumer Privacy: Consumer privacy measures are those taken by commercial organizations to ensure that confidential customer data is not stolen or abused. Since most such organizations have a strong competitive incentive to retain […]

Sales Force Automation (SFA) System: 5 Advantages

This article throws light upon the top five advantages of investing in Sales Force Automation (SFA) system. The advantages are: 1. It Save Time 2. SFA Improves Customer Service 3. It Increases Revenue 4. SFA helps in Opportunity Management 5. It helps to Manage Sales Teams. Advantage # 1. It Save Time: SFA systems automate […]

Mobile CRM: Meaning and Advantages

After reading this article you will learn about the meaning and advantages of mobile CRM. Meaning of Mobile CRM: Mobile CRM gives you anytime, anywhere access to real-time information from wherever you need to work. Using your iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, Windows Phone or any other mobile device, you’ll stay, informed, and ready to move the […]

Data Warehouse: Meaning, Characteristics and Benefits

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Data Warehouse 2. Characteristics of Data Warehouse 3. Benefits 4. Dimensions. Meaning of Data Warehouse: As companies have grown larger they have become separated both geographically and culturally from the markets and customers they serve. Disney, an American corporation, has operations in Europe, Asia […]

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