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Differences between Trading and Marketing | Business

This article will help you to differentiate between trading and marketing. 1. Marketing is product oriented and trading is commodity oriented. 2. Trading is a correlation between products and the organization, marketing between people and the markets/products. 3. People are the sole deciding factor of success or failure in trading operations but in marketing the […]

Expansion of Business Concern | Financial Management

After reading this article you will learn about the Expansion of Business Concern:- 1. Reasons for Expansion of Business Concern 2. Forms of Expansion 3. Forms of Combination. Reasons for Expansion of Business Concern: Growth is always essential for the existence of a business concern. A concern is bound to die if it does not […]

10 Important Reasons for Merger

This article throw light upon the ten important reasons for mergers. The reasons are: 1. Economies of Scale 2. Operating Economies 3. Synergy 4. Growth 5. Diversification 6. Utilisation of Tax Shields 7. Increase in Value 8. Eliminations of Competition 9. Better Financial Planning 10. Economic Necessity. Reason # 1. Economies of Scale: An amalgamated […]

Top 6 Forms of Financing a Merger

This article throws light upon the top six forms of financing a merger. The forms are: 1. Cash Offer 2. Equity Share Financing 3. Debt and Preference Share Financing 4. Deferred Payment 5. Leveraged Buy – Out 6. Tender Offer. Financing a Merger: Form # 1. Cash Offer: After the value of the firm to […]

Financial Problems of Merger and Consolidation

This article throws light upon the five major financial problems of merger and consolidation. The financial problems are: 1. Cash Management 2. Credit Policy 3. Financial Planning 4. Dividend Policy 5. Depreciation Policy. Merger and Consolidation: Financial Problem # 1. Cash Management: The liquidity problem is the usual problem faced by acquiring companies. Before merger […]

7 Main Legal Aspects of a Business Merger

This article throws light upon the seven main legal aspects of business merger. The aspects are: 1. Analysis of Proposal by the Companies 2. Determining Exchange Ratios 3. Approval of Board of Directors 4. Approval of Shareholders 5. Consideration of Interests of the Creditors 6. Approval of the Court 7. Approval of Reserve Bank of […]

Business Functions: 7 Main Types of Business Function

This article throws light upon the seven main types of business function of a manufacturing undertaking. The types are: 1. Purchase Function 2. Productivity Function 3. Distribution Function 4. Accounting Function 5. Personnel Function 6. Research and Development 7. Financial Management and Economics. Type # 1. Purchase Function: Materials required for production of commodities should […]

Dimensions of Business Environment that Influences the Performance of Many Firms

Dimensions of business environment that influences the performance of many firms are: 1. Economic Environment 2. Social Environment 3. Technological Environment 4. Political Environment 5. Legal Environment! The Dimensions or the factors constituting the business environment include political, social, technological, legal and economic factors which are considered important for taking decisions and for improving the […]

4 Steps for Successful Reengineering of Business

Whatever is the approach to reengineering, there are certain steps to be followed: There are many tools, but what is important is to get the sequence right. Few corporates have the expertise in house, but the technology varies, with total productive maintenance, manufacturing engineering or policy redeployment – all being used as synonyms for BPRE. […]

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