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Sales Person

A salesman is an ambassador of his company to the external world. He leaves a lasting impression on those with whom he interacts and form an opinion about the company from his behaviour. A salesman is out in the field, with no direct or little direct supervision, whereas other employees have to work under close supervision. A salesman needs human [...]

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Sales Compensation Plan

A sale compensation plan refers to the determination of the right compensation schemes and application of it to the sales force to bring a balance between compensation and the sales force performance. Sale Compensation is an integral part of an employee’s sustenance and survival which has a motivational element also. An organization always wants to draw an effective compensation plan [...]

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Sales Forecasting Methods

Everything you need to know about the methods of sales forecasting. A business enterprise may be either for production of goods to be sold in the market or for distribution of goods supplied by industry. Whether it is a manufacturing company or it is a trading company, in both the cases, forecasting future demand is the first step in planning [...]

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