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Business and Culture: Relationship

Culture characteristics are very important in formulation of business strategies. The cost of ignoring customs, traditions, taboos, tastes and preferences etc. can be very high. The interface between business and culture can be understood from the following points: 1. Culture Creates People: It is the culture which generally determines the ethos of people. It tends to train people along particular [...]

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Relationship between Business and Government

The term responsibility, accountability, obligation or duty is all used interchangeably in the context of relations between Government and business. Responsibilities of Business towards Government: The Government has certain definite expectation from business. The business houses are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities: 1. Regular Payment of Taxes: Taxes are a major source of revenue for the Government. It is [...]

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Relation between Performance and Organisation Culture

After reading this article you will learn about the relation between performance and organisation climate. Organisation culture has the potential to enhance organisational effectiveness, individual satisfaction and certainty about how various problems will be handled. However, if the culture gets out of step with the changing expectations of the internal and external stakeholders, organisational effectiveness can be hindered. Generally, organisation [...]

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