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Types of Pricing Strategies

The types of pricing strategies can be studied under the following heads: 1. Cost-Oriented Pricing Strategies 2. Demand-Oriented Pricing Strategies 3. Competition-Oriented Pricing Strategies 4. Other Pricing Strategies. The various strategies that can be used to determine the price of the product are:- 1. Premium Pricing 2. Penetration Pricing 3. Economy Pricing 4. Price Skimming 5. Psychological Pricing 6. Product [...]

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Methods of Pricing

Everything you need to know about the methods and techniques adopted for  pricing your products! Learn about: A. Methods of Product Pricing 1. Cost-Based Methods 2. Break-Even Concept B. Product Pricing Methods 1. Demand and Perceived Value-Oriented Pricing 2. Competition-Oriented Pricing. Also learn about the product pricing methods, concept, approaches and strategies. How do marketers of products and services arrive [...]

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Factors Affecting Pricing Decisions

Everything you need to know about the factors affecting pricing decisions. This article will further help you to learn about: 1. Factors Affecting Pricing Decisions in Marketing Management 2. Internal Factors Affecting Pricing Decisions 3. Factors Influencing Price Determination 4. Examples of Factors Affecting Pricing Decisions. Factors Influencing Price Decisions and Determination in Business: Internal Factors, External Factors, Impact and [...]

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