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Theory Z of Motivation

Ouchi proposed Theory Z - a hybrid model that blends elements of successful Japanese managerial practice with an assessment of US workers' needs. It focuses heavily on a humanistic' philosophy, teamwork and consensus decisions. This theory is rooted in the idea that employees who are involved in and committed to an organization will be motivated to increase productivity. Based on [...]

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Theory X and Theory Y

Everything you need to know about Theory X and Theory Y of motivation. Prof. Douglas McGregor proposed theory X and theory Y. Theory X is related to traditional approach about people and theory Y is related to modern approach about people. Theory X is somehow related to concept of scientific management, which advocates that people dislike the work and they [...]

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Theories of Employee Motivation

Everything you need to know about the theories of employee motivation."Motivation represents an unsatisfied need which creates a state of tension or disequilibrium, causing the individual to move in a goal directed pattern towards restoring a state of equilibrium by satisfying the need." According to the Encyclopedia of Management, "motivation refers to the degree of readiness of an organisation to [...]

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