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Leadership Definition

Learn about the definitions of leadership as given by different authors. Leadership Definition Leadership Definition Some of the common ideas included in leadership definitions include exerting influence, motivating and inspiring helping others realize their potential, leading by example, selflessness and making a difference. I have given hereunder some well-known definitions of leadership. Peter Drucker defines a leader as "someone who [...]

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Contingency Theory of Leadership

The important contingency theories of leadership are: 1. Fiedler's Contingency Model 2. Situational Leadership Model 3. Leader - Member Exchange (LMX) Model 4. Path - Goal Model 5. Leader Participating Model. Contingency Theory of Leadership Contingency Theory of Leadership – Top 5 Theories: Fiedler's Contingency Model , Path Goal Theory, Situation Leadership Theory and a Few Others The core proposition [...]

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Importance of Leadership

Everything you need to know about the importance and significance of leadership in management. Leadership function is a matter of pushing people until they do what the leader wishes them to do. Leadership is primarily a matter of removing barriers so that people can act with freedom and independence. Leadership, encourages and stimulates action from workers by innovating them in [...]

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