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Interview in HRM

Everything you need to know about interview in human resource management. Interview" means "deliberate, active listing with a purpose to draw the other person out, to discover what he really wants to say, and to give a chance to express himself/herself freely. The interview is used in practically every business and profession. Some activities call for a high degree of [...]

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Types of Interviews

An interview may be defined as a systematic and scientific process used in the employee selection which helps to acquire needed information with regard to the candidate's capabilities and his interest, aptitude and knowledge required for the job and also to provide him the requisite information about the concerned organisation through face-to-face communication, thus creating a feeling of trust and [...]

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150 HR Management Interview Questions and Answers

List of important Interview question and answers on HR (Human Resource Management)! 150 + HR (Human Resource Management ) Interview Questions and Answers Interview Question 1. Define HRM. Ans. In simple words, HRM is a management function that helps managers’ recruit, select, train and develops members for an organisation. Obviously, HRM is concerned with the people dimension in organisation. According [...]

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