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Factors Affecting Consumer Buying Behaviour

Consumers' behaviour does not remain uniform always and it meets changes rapidly. Its reasons mainly are the regular variations being introduced in the factors that influence the buyer behaviour. Many a factors influence the purchases of consumer like social, cultural, personal and psychological factors. Consumer behaviour refers to the selection, purchase and consumption of goods and services for the satisfaction [...]

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What is Consumer Behaviour?

Everything you need to know about what is consumer behaviour. Consumer Behaviour deals with the various stages, a consumer goes through, before purchasing products or services for his end use. Consumer Behaviour can also be viewed as the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or [...]

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Consumer Behaviour Research: Difficulties and Techniques | Marketing

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Definition of Consumer Behaviour Research 2. Types of Information Sought in Relation to Marke­ting 3. Main Difficulties of Consumer Behaviour Research 4. Techniques. Definition of Consumer Behaviour Research: The consumer behaviour research is alternatively termed as motivation research or study of buying motives. Simply put, the term refers to the study of [...]

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