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Job Specification

Job specification is another aspect of job analysis. It describes the type of employee required (in terms of skill, experience, and special attitude, and test scores of various types) and outlines the particular working conditions that are encountered on the job. It is essentially a set of specification about people required on the job. The job specification (in the usual [...]

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3 Key Aspects of a Farm | Farm Planning

This article throws light upon the three key aspects of a farm. The aspects are: 1. Human Aspects 2. Physical Aspects 3. Financial Aspects. 1. Human Aspects: (i) Goals of Farm Family: Scope for a change, i.e., family satisfaction and an additional business approach to achieve both family satisfaction and profit maximization. The farmer's family may not be able to [...]

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Why do People Join Informal Groups? (2 Reasons)

Get the answer of: Why do People Join Informal Groups? Internal Reasons: People join groups because they meet their personal needs. Groups satisfy group needs in the following ways: (a) Interpersonal Attraction: There is a basic need in human beings to care for, help and be useful to others. When people have similar attitudes, personality, economic status, values and beliefs, [...]

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