After reading this article you will learn about the Objectives of an Organisation:- 1. Definition of Objectives 2. Importance of Objectives 3. Advantages 4. Disadvantages 5. Proper Setting of Enterprise Objectives.

Definition of Objectives:

Objectives may be defined as final result of an organisation tries to achieve. Moreover, the objectives are a future oriented and results in state of affairs. It helps in providing to make an organisation in its attention and effort, basically focused on a certain way.

Objectives are the results, profit, and aims, Goals, through the proper consideration of the organisation or wish to achieve in the certain periods of time.

Basically objective is a common term used to indicate the final stage of the management programme. Objectives in basically describes in certain names whereas achievement, goal, ambition, target aim and mission etc. All these terms are directed towards these objectives.


Mainly the objective is the starting point or towards the ending point created by the staff of an organisation. Objectives are generally mentioned in broad because they are very much wide or narrow part of an enterprise and either may be long or short range.

Importance of Objectives:

1. Market share is high.

2. Consumer satisfaction.

3. Hovel Ideas


4. Cooperation everywhere.

5. More output.

6. Cost control.

7. Loyalty of employers.


8. Different kinds of products.

Advantages of Objectives:

The main advantages of objective may be explained as follows:

It has been clearly defined that the organisation how the manager should behave in the organisation. Proper planning helps the executives to coordinate in the correct sense of direction towards the effective results. The main source of objective is to supervise in proper manner. If there is no proper maintenance these will be problem in the creation of the work.

1. Proper Planning:


The main advantage of planning is in proper way. It encourages the proper planning. The Basic ideas and fundamental theories of planning to achieve the basic thing, in the organisation. These ideas are make the people to work in the proper planning. Some objectives are basically aimed on individual focus.

2. Single Motivation:

The main objectives providing motivation to the people in the organisation. All the individuals are directly motivated by their own subordinates from the High level to lower level, he feels motivated. He feels, that he will complete his duties and will also be rewarded suitably towards the job performance.

3. Direct Coordination:


The efforts of voluntary coordination may put into a detailed plan of an organisation. In the workforce, the freedom has been given to employee they can work in replace of other towards voluntary coordination.

4. Control Process is Standard:

Control of human efforts is standard in the organisation. Controlling processes maintaining the standard performance so as to obtain the organisational goal effectively in the organisation. Without such standard, meaningful control cannot exist. Standard for control is mainly helpful in finance and thought promotional strategy.


5. Integration:

It is set to link between the organisation and groups. So as the different department like production, marketing, Finance, account, auditing and personnel brings them all enterprise together in the organisation.

6. Decentralization of Authority:

Decentralization is the clear-cut objectives also facilitate the authority. The manager can assign the duties to perform to the subordinates at the lower level. Then the subordinate’s requisite the authority to carry out the performed duties.

Disadvantages of Objectives:


1. In objectives, individual satisfaction unlimited. If we satisfy one wants, new wants are arises and similarly the employee attitude, the different process, of thinking creates objectives in disable manner.

2. Sometimes more manpower less machines is more machine and material less manpower. It creates the problem in getting without taking into account the resources available in the organisation.

3. Sometimes there is tendency to exploit between the workers. There may be problem in goal attainment. This problem will lead due to results in frustration among the workers.

4. Objective is normally affect the organisation due to cut down labour cost this may affect the labour and management relationship.

These are the main advantages or limitation or demerit of the objectives.

Proper Setting of Enterprise Objectives:

1. Objective must be performed or defined in exactly right terms. Ambiguity should be avoided in the setting of objectives.


2. The statement must be qualitative so that the objectives must be essential. Only then accomplishment of measures will become easy.

3. Objectives must be truthful and procedural manner. So as to maintain the availability of resources, extent of competition and government regulation etc.

4. Certain policies, procedures programmes and strategies must be supported the objectives so as to depends on the existence.

5. It is also necessary to make the objectives very soft. Hard objectives may cause the work very heavy and tough.