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Functions of Management (9 Answers)

Compilation of answers on the functions of management. This article will guide you to learn about: 1. 10 Functions Of Management 2. 7 Functions Of Management 3. 4 Basic Functions Of Management 5. 8 Functions Of Management 6. Functions Of Management Planning. Answer 1. Functions of Management: Management in order to accomplish the organization's goal will have to perform certain [...]

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Control: Techniques of Control | Functions | Management

In this article we will discuss about the traditional and modern techniques of control used in an organisation. Traditional Techniques of Controlling: I. Budgeting (or Budgetary Control System): A budget is both - a method of planning and an instrument (or device) for controlling. It is a plan in so far as the numerical expression of the standards of performance [...]

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Control in an Organisation | Functions | Management

Various control techniques have been developed to help the managers in both business and non-business organisation. Traditional Techniques of Control: (a) Personal Observations: This is the most effective and oldest method of control. In this technique the manager observes the operations on the spot and directs the subordinate accordingly. This will have the psychological impact on the employees. The merits [...]

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