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Types of Employee Separation

Everything you need to know about the types of employee separation. Separation is a situation where the service contract of an employee with his employer comes to an end. In other words, employer and employee part with each other. An employee may move out of the organization for a variety of reasons like retirement, resignation, better prospects elsewhere etc. Employer [...]

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Forms of Employee Separation

In this article we will discuss about the various forms of employee separation. Learn about: 1. Natural Separations 2. Employee-Initiated Separations 3. Employer-Initiated Separations 4. Downsizing 5. Layoff 6. Retrenchment 7. Suspension 8. Dismissal 9. Exit Interviews 10. Retirement 11. Superannuation 12. Resignation. Also learn about:- 1. Retirement 2. Employee Death 3. Company Closure 4. Employee Resignations 5. Voluntary Retirements [...]

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