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Selection of Candidates: 10 Steps | Staffing | Functions | Management

This article throws light upon the ten main steps involved in the selection process of candidates. The steps are: 1. Scrutiny of Applications Received 2. Preliminary Interview 3. Application Blanks 4. Testing 5. Interviews 6. Checking References 7. Medical Examination 8. Final Selection 9. Training 10. Placement and Orientation. Step # 1. Scrutiny of Applications […]

Assessment Centres: Meaning, Types and Advantages

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Assessment Centres 2. Types of Assessment Centre Exercises 3. Advantages and Disadvantages. Meaning of Assessment Centres: An assessment centre, as we have already noted, is a comprehensive facility used mostly for employee selection purposes. But it is also used for training. People for selection […]

Top 5 Career Anchor Groups | Staffing

This article throws light upon the top five career anchor groups in an organisation. The groups are: 1. Technical/Functional Competence 2. Management Competence 3. Creativity 4. Security or Stability 5. Autonomy. Career Anchor Group # 1. Technical/Functional Competence: The entire career is organised around particular sets of technical and functional skills (possessed by the person) […]

Employee Training and Employee Development | Staffing

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Employee Training 2. Steps in Effective Training 3. Training Methods 4. Employee Development. Employee Training: Training is an integral part of the staffing function. It refers to improving a person’s ability to do a particular job and to contribute to organisational goals. After selecting a candidate, […]

Designing Jobs (With Diagram) | Staffing

After reading this article you will learn about designing jobs in an organisation. Job Designing: After employees have been hired, they go to work and start performing a job that the organisation has designed for them. Today’s employees have more say in how work is done than ever before and plays a large role in […]

Alternatives to Traditional Work Schedules | Staffing

This article throws light upon the three main alternatives to traditional work schedules. The alternatives are: 1. The Compressed Work Week 2. Flexible Work Schedules 3. Job Sharing. Alternative # 1. The Compressed Work Week: The compressed work week is a work schedule in which the employee works 40 hours in fewer than five days. […]

4 Main Alternatives to Work Specialization | Staffing

This article throws light upon the four main alternatives to work specialisation. The alternatives are: 1. Job Rotation 2. Job Enlargement 3. Job Enrichment 4. Job Design. Alternative # 1. Job Rotation: It involves systematically moving employees from one job to another. Fig. 11.5 shows a typical job rotation arrangement. The jobs themselves do not […]

Staffing in an Organisation

After reading this article you will learn about Staffing in an Organisation:- 1. Introduction to Staffing 2. Guidelines for Staffing 3. Features  4. Elements 5. Importance 6. Policies. Contents: Introduction to Staffing Guidelines for Staffing Features of Staffing Elements of Staffing Importance of Staffing Policies of Staffing 1. Introduction to Staffing: Staffing is now recognised […]

Manpower Planning: Meaning, Factors, Objectives and Principles

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Definition of Manpower Planning 2. Factors Affecting Manpower Planning 3. Objectives 4. Principles. Definition of Manpower Planning: Manpower planning may, be defined as, “the replacement planning which analyse labour turnover, recruitment policy, promotion, development and maintenance of employee programmes and assess the future needs of the […]

Selection of Candidates: Meaning, Procedure and Importance

After reading this article you will learn about the Selection of Candidates:- 1. Meaning of Selection 2. Procedure for Selection 3. Importance. Meaning of Selection: Selection is the process in which candidates for employment are divided into two classes, those who are to be offered employment and those who are not. Selection is a process […]