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What is Gantt Progress Chart ? | Project Scheduling

Get the answer of: What is Gantt Progress Chart ? A Gantt progress chart gives the comparison between the actual and planned performance. It indicates how performance matches with the fixed targets. To explain things more clearly, follow­ing example of Gantt progress chart has been solved. The figures indicated in the left-hand corner of each […]

Bar Charts and Its Limitations | Project Scheduling

After reading this article you will learn about the bar chart and its limitations. A pictorial chart, also known as the “Bar Chart” was for the first time developed by Henry Gantt around 1900 and is used to deal with complex activities. The bar chart consists of two coordinates, the horizontal represents the time elapsed […]

How to Draw the Network Diagram? | Project Scheduling

Before starting to draw the network, following measures should be taken serially: 1. Prepare a list of the activities included in the project and their dependence on other activities. 2. Draft the network roughly, usually by soft pencil and an eraser on a large piece of paper. 3. The estimate of time required for each […]