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How to Prepare a Presentation on Communication?

Complication of Data and Information for helping you to prepare a  presentation on Communication! After reading this article we will learn about:- 1. Communicating among People 2. Importance and Meaning of Communication 3. Process 4. Model 5. Behavioural Processes 6. Networks in Organisations 7. Communication in Groups 8. Managing the Communication Process 9. Organisational Actions […]

Speech Purposes: General and Specific | Presentation

After reading this article you will learn about General and Specific Speech Purposes. General Speech Purposes There are three general speech purposes to inform, to persuade, and to entertain. (These three purposes apply equally to public or private communication.) As we discuss these speech purposes, we should remember that we are in reality talking about […]

4 Main Ways of Speech Presentation

This article throws light upon the four main ways of speech presentation. The ways are: 1. Speaking from a Manuscript 2. Speaking from Memory 3. Impromptu Delivery 4. Extemporaneous Delivery. Way # 1. Speaking from a Manuscript: In this form of delivery you read your speech directly from a manuscript. This form is common in […]

How to Analyze the Audience?

This article throws light upon the six aspects of analyzing the audience. The aspects are: 1. Age of Your Listeners 2. Sex of Your Listeners 3. Occupation of Your Listeners 4. Intelligence and Educational Level of Your Listeners 5. Social, Professional, and Religious Groups Your Listeners Belong to 6. Influence of Geographical Experiences. How to […]

How to Understand your Audience?

Understanding the Audience: Before composing any message, all writers should be well informed about the subject and should have a clear picture of what they want to convey and what they wish to achieve through the communication. If these prerequisites are not met, one cannot even begin to write. Understanding the audience is often a […]