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List of Top 7 Materials used for Packaging of Products

List of top seven materials used for packaging of products:- 1. Paper 2. Plastic 3. Nylon 4. Metal Foil 5. Glass-Wares 6. Metal Containers 7. Wood Containers. 1. Paper: Mainly two main types of papers are used. These are: (i) Coarse papers and (ii) Fine papers. Nearly all the papers used for packaging fall into the […]

Top 14 Functions of Packaging

This article throws light upon the fourteen important functions of packaging. The functions are:- 1. Contain 2. Carry 3. Dispense 4. Preserve 5. Measure 6. Communicate 7. Display 8. Motivate 9. Glamorise 10. To Help in Distribution 11. Consumer Protection 12. Prevention of Adulteration 13. Health and Hygiene 14. Promote International Trade. Function # 1. […]

Product Packaging: Meaning, Levels, Functions and Importance

Product Packaging: Meaning, Levels, Functions and Importance! Packaging refers to the process of designing the package such as containers, wrappers etc. It plays a very significant role in the marketing success or failure of many products especially for non durable consumer products. (more…)